Hi there. Take a look around to learn more about me, bravespace, somatic leadership, and how you can bring the answers that you have inside to life. 

But wait... who are you, Franzi?

Well...that's a good question. Here's what I know right now: I entered this life to channel radical love, relentless growth, nourishing life's transitions, and the healing of intergenerational and ancestral wounds. My work and my family are expressions of a completely new life. You can learn a lot about my journey on
my Instagram and my current blog.

As a personal and somatic leadership coach, I am committed to empower you through a combination of body-based approaches and techniques, inner child healing, mindful compassion, and traditional leadership coaching. It's not either or, it's all in one. It's holistic, experience-based, and informed by latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. It's two-way and conversational, sometimes meditative and centering, and sometimes physically active and liberating.

For change to become real it has to feel real to the body, not just rationally sound. Our shared goal will be to support you in experiencing awakening, clarity and momentum in your path to express yourself, your best work, and embody joyful ownership and leadership in your role!

I work 1:1 with high-performing, ambitious, growth-seeking individuals. Most of my clients are CEOs, founders, senior executives in the tech and social justice sector, as well as athletes. 

If you are an innovator at the frontier of society, seeking to understand and express yourself in a radically and newly embodied way, need to step up your life to serve your people, or have experienced trauma that keeps you away from leading and living life the way you need to, then please feel invited to reach out. I am here to help you open up yourself up, challenge your deepest beliefs and assumptions, heal softly and powerfully, and lead yourself skillfully to a place of deep physical, mental, and relational strength and wisdom. Here to serve.

All the love, all the power,


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Deep 1:1 work with Franzi

I sit at the intersection of deep practical spirituality and wisdom, awakening you from (micro-)trauma stuck in our body, healing your nervous system, traditional leadership work, and providing strategic input for organizational growth.

Community & Writing

My goal is to make my wisdom as widely publicly available as possible to democratize coaching and be of service. 

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