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  • Coaching Products

    I provide a variety of services. Over ten years, I've designed a support system that helps clients unleash their potential and live the life they know is possible.

    Executive Leadership Coaching

    Best suited for:

    - Startup founders (and their teams) seeking to achieve growth targets while building an inclusive and fun culture

    - Senior executives looking for "the next big thing" and exploring openly, looking to reassess how their deep passions and skills have evolved

    - Managers seeking to guide teams more intuitively through times of growth, change, and transition

    Languages: English, German

    Emerging Leadership Coaching

    Best suited for:
    - Grad-or-MBA students looking for an additional set of ears to make the most out of the next 5, 10, 20, or 40 years of their career

    - Professionals with 2-5 years of corporate experience looking for a meaningful, purpose-driven career change

    - University career centers looking for ways to equip their students with a holistic set of perspectives, insights, and frameworks for life and career based on their individual preferences, passions, and skills

    Languages: English, German

    Life Design Coaching

    Best suited for:
    - Individuals and teams looking to better balance all aspects of life by discovering or clarifying their beliefs, values, and purpose. From there, deliberately planning the activities, people, and lifestyle that will help them manifest that purpose


    - Entrepreneurial couples who understand the challenges of two venturing individuals in one romantic relationship and are looking for ideas on the "Project Management of Life"

    Languages: English, German

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  • Professional Bio

    In the last 12 years Franziska has combined entrepreneurial problem-solving, collaborative technology, and human-centered design to help individuals and teams both discover and achieve their potential. She has been an operator in 8 countries across 3 continents (many more indirectly) and has worked as a bridge builder in technology startups, venture capital, government, nonprofit, and the corporate world.


    Through her work leading Venturesome (formerly ILoveMondays), she has advised and supported startups, VC investors, and Fortune 500 companies on operations, culture, HR, and leadership. Her projects have included startup turnaround management (as interim CEO in Hungary); leading, building, and executing brand development and community marketing strategies for clients; and leading service/product design for two AI companies. Her culture work has focused on driving rapid growth and managing team expansion while maintaining a fun, inclusive, productive work culture. Much of this culture work has also focused on remote teams and virtual leadership.


    Before founding Venturesome/ILoveMondays, she coordinated a technology partnership for the European Commission reaching thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs with the nonprofit UP Global; launched a global mentoring program for aspiring entrepreneurs; co-founded and served as Talent Director for the largest student entrepreneurship community in the Netherlands; consulted Chinese companies on transitioning out of old HR approaches to new “Talent Management”; and conducted her own field research in Vietnam on the importance of trust in multi-cultural manager-employee relationships. Her journey took her to the furthest corners of the world, even onto the transiberian train through Russia, Mongolia, and China to practice the art of doing nothing.


    In addition to her work as an operator, Franziska also is a leadership coach for young professionals, startup founders, and senior executives and is currently pursuing her next certification as a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and Master Life Coach. Franziska holds a B.A. and M.A. in Economics and her work has been featured in Forbes, TheNextWeb, Philanthropy, and the Huffington Post.


    Franziska recently servss as the VP of Marketing and People at BrightHive. BrightHive is an impact-driven multi-party data management company using a data trust platform service to transform the way social services providers, government agencies, and funders share data, make decisions, and affect the outcomes of beneficiaries.


    In her free time you will find her spending time with her little family in deep nature, raising and being inspired by her two bilingual wildlings Maximilian and Benjamin, cooking fusion paleo food, CrossFitting with her husband, and desperately trying to finish five pages of a book without interruption.

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  • Leaders I had the privilege of working with

    Franziska's coaching came at a time in our organization's growth trajectory when we were needing to supercharge our team for the big goals ahead of us. We provided her services for any staff member looking to "level up" their leadership as they set out to tackle the next chapter of their professional development in service of the company's goals. Using her holistic approach, she was able to immediately connect with interested staff, work with them to find the biggest areas of opportunity, and empower them to make changes. These changes not only instantly increased team performance, but also helped each individual find deeper alignment between their personal values and their career at Moneythink. I highly recommend Franziska as a coach to any CEO looking to supercharge their team.
    - Ted Gonder, Co-founder and CEO, Moneythink

    Young Leaders Franziska had the privilege to work with

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    How I started: What my leadership coach says about me

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    Young Leaders I had the privilege to work with

    Franzi is a truly knowledgeable, intentional, and passionate teammate and person, whom I met through a professional collaboration, and now have the pleasure to call a true friend. Her open and generous personality is such that I am not surprised that many of her past colleagues can make the same claim. Franzi has a unique ability to match a creative and impactful vision with energetic and progress oriented execution. While she worked closely with Budapest-based Mosaik startup hub to help us develop and communicate our mission and vision, the project benefitted with an inspirational, unique and relevant comms and event strategy that ushered the project successfully through its first steps into the public sphere. Franzi was not only able to shape unique and valuable experiences for our online and offline community, but she was also able (and happy) to tap into her extensive and knowledgeable personal network to bring our events to a new level of value and quality. Her heart, energy, and ever-growing skill set know no bounds.

    - Reka Forgach, Chief Community Builder, Mosaik

    Grateful I met Carl! He was pure joy to work with!

    Franzi is incredible. I worked with her in 2016 when I was in an existential funk about how to align my work with my values. A few years before I graduated near the top of my class with a statistics degree from a great university and felt like the world was my oyster. But after working for a while in industry, I felt utterly unsatisfied and incomplete. I was looking for a deeper level of fulfillment in my life and work and couldn't find it. There was something missing and I was confused about exactly what.


    I knew that I could use the help of an expert coach, which is how I started working with Franzi. After just one session she was able to pin down what I was looking for. I still remember the thought experiment she asked me: "If you could imagine your perfect day, what would you be doing?" By having her guidance in thinking through my priorities, I realized I felt a deep need to teach and mentor others. I had always thought I'd become a teacher one day, but Franzi's coaching gave greater urgency to fulfilling this part of myself.


    As a result, I'm overjoyed to say that I'm now a high school computer science teacher in the Bay Area. I LOVE my work. It fulfills a part of me that hadn't been satisfied in any of the previous professional positions I've been in. And I have to thank Franzi for helping me make the big decisions that led to this.


    - Carl Shan



    Passionate entrepreneurs I worked with in Startup environments

    Franzi has a gift for clear and purposeful thinking, and is quick to understand issues and cut through the detail to the bigger picture. Franzi is fiercely and wonderfully passionate about the power of startups and entrepreneurship, and often brings strong vision and ambition to a project. She is awesome at articulating these visions in a way that motivates and inspires others to build towards bringing ideas to life. Equally she’s hugely self-motivated and has the follow-through and urgency that’s required in so many settings in startup world.

    Franzi is a go-to person for me when I want to think through an issue in a considered yet enlightened way, when I need a little ’something’ but don’t quite know what.


    - Anneka Deva, Freelancing Social Innovator

    Spanish Clients | a True pleasure to work with Ogilvy

    Wow! This summarizes the impression Franzi provoked on me and my team while working together. An amazing mix of young determination and experienced professionalism, Franzi assumes risk as part of the game while maintaining a result-oriented mindset taking into account all details.
    Last but not least, Franzi is a very lively person with great communication skills, which makes it very easy to work with her .


    - Pablo Honrubia | Senior Consultant | Ogilvy One Madrid

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