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The fine line.

A rolling blog post adding things for the 'finer things in life'

The fine line, is the choice to ask for more, to find the deeper grasp behind things. It is to not judge by appearance but ask what's behind it, to appreciate but know what is important for you, what you stand for. The fine line is the line that attracts the people you want in your life, and those you don't. behind the fine line stand the life you want for yourself.

The fine line:

Appreciate people who do not deny conflict and argument, but know about the healthier options of it.

Appreciate people who face reality, but mean to get encouraged by the beauty of it; its underpinning opportunities, not by the misery.

Appreciate rawness, but not recklessness.

Appreciate opinions, but not let them not burden you. Let them help you build compassion, yet not empathy.

Appreciate inspiration, and then go be your own.

Appreciate to feel happy for someone's joy, and then make sure you understand what yours looks like.

Appreciate that everything beyond existential fear is expanding your horizon, gaining perspective, asking questions and seeking answers!

Appreciate time over effort. Sometimes all we can know is that time will do 'it'.

Appreciate words spoken, and listen to the words that cannot be spoken only seen.

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