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That thing called purpose

A breathing, unstructured attempt to shine light on purpose vs. purposeful

It seems exhausting sometimes. The way we are all supposed to find purpose - that thing that seems to be the only thing holding you back from happiness and meaning in your life. Can this be true? I personally don't think so. In fact, I deeply believe there is much left to say about living purposefully versus living with purpose.

What does this mean? How does this look like? It means to live your life intentionally, to live to the beat of your own rythm, to the things that create most joy and meaning for you, to build systems and daily routines around your top life items and values, to appreciate and respect yourself enough to ask whether what you are doing right now is the right thing for you, whether you are the person you want to be. And yes.. along the way you may find what this thing called purpose means for you. But above all, purpose in itself should already be defined as the breathing attempt to shine light on what we are best at, that in turn serves others.

Below are a few insights (in completely random order), that I collected over the past few months during hikes, car rides, workouts, on playgrounds or with clients. I am sure there is a lot more to come... but as I am breathing, I am also defining what it means for me. It is a never-ending 'To be continued':

Purpose is radical self inquiry. It’s appreciation and love for your self. It’s an act of kindness for your life.

will carry you through anything, if you dare.

Purpose is a shining perk in times of adversity and troubles, it guides us to see through it, to get back up and keep going. Purpose can carry you through anything, if you dare.

Purpose is inner work. It is personal leadership applied. It starts with treating yourself, your body, and your mind with the utmost respect. This is what builds our backbone. It is what will help us bend, not break.

Purpose is where resiliency gains strength and builds muscle. Like every muscle it needs to be flexed to keep getting stronger.

Purpose is showing up and asking hard questions. Even on days when it sucks.

Purpose is not a thought exercise. It is thought put into action. It is the convergence of thoughts becoming things.

Purpose is opaque and needs a picture, a strategy, an action plan. It needs work. Over and over again. It evolves, just like you do.

Purpose is individual. It is creating our own voice in a big, wide world that tires to tell you what success means. Don't listen. Success is not purpose. Purpose is not success.

Purpose is a manifesto to us and those we love about what we stand for.

Purpose is sometimes a piece of paper describing our perfect day, our perfect week; it can be the start in listening to yourself. It can be the start of our and your very own purpose strategy.

Purpose is art. It is creative process, it is presenting something that may never be ready but is always better than it used to be. It is (y)our signature.

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