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Musings on the one and only life partner for (life) entrepreneurs

As a young entrepreneurial mind with more ideas than plans, with more dreams than lifetimes to realize… I realized over the past 2 years how important a partner in crime is.

Not any partner in crime, but...
- the one who ticks like you
- challenges life like you do
- the one who seeks answers with you
-the one who knows who you are despite of moments of life volatility, who believes in you more than you do when you’re in doubt of yourself cause that thing called entrepreneurship is damn hard

- who celebrates Mondays with you

- who puts on headphones with you to get to the kind of work both of you have chosen and rocks away the morning hours just to jump into the forest with you for a workout before lunch

- the kind of partner in crime who thinks about life design over career ladders and still believes we can live the high life

- the kind of partner who knows that high life is a stroll in the forest when the city is still sleeping just to talk through family vision and personal ambitions

- the kind of partner who stands on a train with you to go for the sake of going and let your mind rest

- the kind of partner who takes the trash out with you - literally and symbolically...

The kind of partner who knows that our love is the greatest startup he and I will ever be allowed to build - and we are going to make it fucking worth it.

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