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Motherhood, Entrepreneurship & raising brilliant kids

A few kick-off thoughts on a much bigger topic. To be continued.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like to be called a mompreneur, a startup mom, a mother in the workplace or ___________ (please insert your favorite here). For me it sounds like I am asking for permission to do what I do, because I dare to be more than just a mom.

Are we really still asking this? (Anyone, moms in the western hemisphere?!)

Yes, I am a mum.

I am an entrepreneur.

I am also a partner.

And a daughter.

And a sister.

And a good friend to some. An acquaintance to many.

And I am me. Just me:

A young woman with ambitions. And a big heart. And a love for good food, nature and fitness. And a young woman with a lot of love for her family.

I am all of this.

This is one hell of a privilege:

I have the right to determine my purpose in life. And go for it.

I am able to decide whether I want family or work. Or both.

I am able to choose my path. Every. Single. Day.

But here is the thing:

I know why I can do all this. I know why I can work on my company and through it help other startups thrive and can have family and a precious personal life. Cause I have a committed partner who chooses to be present and shows up for all duties that I would do myself otherwise in traditional settings. And I have family. A damn great one. A mum that shows up. Every single time I call her cell and every time I need her to rescue me when I have doubts and fears about how I can do it all. I trust her, because she did it. She worked her a** off, had three children and rocked it. Including all her perfect imperfections. And while I love my dad so much, he wasn’t nearly as present as I would wish he was when we were very young.

So being a working mom or startup mom as such isn’t the challenge. The challenge is the lacking culture of natural permission that would allow us to thrive in both. We can do it both, but can we thrive in both? No - not without the support of those that invest in us. 

Or we pay top dollars. But especially in the startup world that is not always an option.

So while not everyone has the comfort of being surrounded by their family team, I can not emphasize enough how countries, counties, cities, towns, local governments, co-working spaces, workplaces...(you name it!) need to re-think why and how they truly want to invest into the future of our economy. Apart from the fact that it is hard to deny that working moms are a great part of our economy, there is also a great portion of women who have big ideas and great ambitions that may just alter the status quo for the better and provide workplaces in turn. It is not that all (maybe some?!) those hard-working "Startupmoms" do it for the sake of pure self-actualization, but much more for pure family-actualization.

Despite financial aspects that allow my family to actualize things that we wouldn't be able to do otherwise, I am also a much better mum if I can speak out of experience and pure hustle about the importance and great feeling of personal purpose. And this includes good education (in- and outside the school building), doing work that matters to you and how doing the work that means the world to you allows you to meet the people, the friends and tribe that you need to be surrounded by to grow. It may leave the world a little better than you found it.

I am a better mum because I bring real life into the home-sphere and am able to mix it with my unconditional love - Isn’t that what compassion is all about? Isn’t that what I need to meet my child with once the early days of pure physical care are over? How else will I influence his cognitive and personal development broadly?

One thing became clear to me in the last few weeks:
I am not here to tell my children that we're here to pay the bills. Every day. I may as well make him believe that he can pay his bills and do something that matters. Work that matters to him. And others.

Just putting this out there: As a reminder for some and new thought for others. We all got it pretty good. We may just keep going and raise a bunch of even more awesome kids that build our future in the spirit of love. 

The End. For Now.

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