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Cutting through your own bullsh**!

...for a life worth living!

Cutting through your own bullshit turns out to be the most painful mission to undergo.
Cutting through your own actions, stepping out of yourself and giving yourself permission to realize you’ve been just wrong, have been on the wrong path, have denied your calling for way too long, have said the wrong thing or assumed more from someone than actually feasible feels like wounding yourself at first.
Cutting through this time is relentlessly painful. But only because it is filled with the blooming pain of turning pain into self-awareness. The sharp pain of realization and personal growth!
Cutting through new decisions to feed someone you are not yet, but want to befeels wrong at first, but is the most beautiful pillar-turns-butterfly moment — The moment when your burning quest to be ‘Your New You’ is nowhere far from dreaming anymore…
Go..set yourself on flames..
Go..surround yourself with those who set Your New You on fire!
My growth comes from learning that in the very thing that bothers me is wisdom that I cannot see — Laura Coe
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