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Big Announcement, Humble Commitment

My point of no return

Big Announcement, Humble Commitment:
My point of no return

Flavored version read time: 3.5 minutes

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Hey, it’s me, Franzi.

This announcement ended up being a lot longer than I’d intended — with allll the flavor of the last few years. But if you want the shorter unflavored version, then just read the bolded parts. :)

Okay, here’s my big and humble announcement:

🔈🎉After 15 years as an exec in tech startups, I am committing my work entirely to coaching entrepreneurial leaders through transformational moments in life. 🔈🎉

🙌This is a “big announcement” because I’ve waited patiently. For the last 5 years, my priorities were elsewhere: I was becoming a mom of 3 and supporting my family financially. But now that I’ve designed the life I always wanted, it’s time to make the leap! 🙌

It all started back in 2015, when I started studying the craft of leadership coaching as a way to add extra value to my consulting clients.

See, I’d noticed in my work with startups and VCs that even in the smartest, most technically capable leaders, a lack of radical self-inquiry and purposeful team connection could be enough to hamper the entire operation.

Organizations with incredible products, talent, and capital repeatedly struggled achieve their potential because their leaders weren’t showing up with the clarity, confidence, empathy, humility, or authenticity necessary for the job. At best, these companies would advance steadily but never achieve sustainable success because their leaders were the bottleneck; at worst, these companies developed toxic cultures rife with conflict and burnout.

The hardest part of this for me was often that I knew the leaders were capable of more, but were merely unaware. They needed radical self-inquiry, and weren’t able to do it alone.

Personally, I’d learned about the power of radical self-inquiry — an idea coined by the great (read: amazing) leadership coach Jerry Colonna — from my own leadership journey.

I’d spent my 20’s obsessing over the life’s harder questions:

…Traveling the world, seeking peace in Vietnamese yoga studios while leading field research on cross-cultural leadership for my masters thesis…

…Meditating on life’s purpose while caring for my dying father and grieving his loss for years after…

…Building a rich community of friends engaged around purposeful living…

And paying coaches to help me dig deep and see clearly when I couldn’t — at each step.

Radical self-inquiry is hard work, but it’s worth it. Especially when you have someone in your corner feeding you the questions required to discover your truest path.

So here I am, after five years of preparation.

Leadership coaching is what I need to do. And with everything that’s going on in our communities and society around the world, I feel it’s what the world needs me to do.

I always tell my clients: find what sets your soul on fire.

And oh baby, I am on fire. 🔥🔥🔥

🙏This is a “humble commitment” from me because WOW, AM I HUMBLED. Truly and deeply.🙏

From the coaches I’ve had, I know what great coaching looks like. And I have great respect for the craft.

For me, coaching is not about getting paid to give life advice or “5 easy steps to the life you’ve always dreamed of.”

Coaching is a practice of holding space for the client to voice their unfiltered thoughts, raw emotions, deepest questions and concerns. Then guiding the client to see and navigate their options with more clarity.

Because I don’t take this responsibility lightly, I’ve invested in formally studying:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (a form of psychological coaching)
  • Somatic Coaching (the art of embodying leadership physically, not just mentally)
  • Movement, Breathwork, and Meditation Practices
  • Nutrition Coaching (how we fuel our body affects all aspects of our life)

Our personal leadership is a combination of how we live, make decisions, and communicate with both our bodies and our minds.

This requires a holistic approach.

🚀I want to help “entrepreneurial leaders” — not just startup CEOs, but leaders of any kind of organization who bring an entrepreneurial growth mindset to their work.🚀

  • Bonus points if the leader’s company or organization has a tangible impact vision.
  • Double bonus-points for female leaders, since I have special qualifications to support the unique needs of women and a lot of personal love to spread from one mama boss to another. My male clients have also reported fantastic results and I contribute it to the 10+ years of work as a woman in tech. Great minds think alike :)

As an entrepreneurial soul coach, I want to help my clients to successfully navigate “transformational moments in life”:

A funding round…

…an IPO…

…a PR crisis…

…a marriage…

…a pregnancy…

…a promotion…


…or just life and the desire to go deep: sometimes we just need a partner that tags along to ease life’s complexities, so it feels less as if we’re constantly pulling and pushing, but instead find a genuine state of flow with work, life and loved ones.

Here’s the thing about these transformational moments in life: you want to navigate them successfully in the short-term, but they’re also rare opportunities to remember and/or re-define your North Star and steer your life in the direction you want it to go.


Finishing on a thought-provoking note:
We are in the midst of a spiritual crisis that questions the very foundation of how we define our shared human experience. I believe in the huge opportunity for leaders of our world’s growing businesses to lead by example with mental clarity, genuine curiosity, and piercing authenticity.

Let’s get to work! The next generation depends on it.

In the spirit of love,


PS: You can always reach me via my website at

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