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Being there vs. growing together

A recent thought.

"No, I don't think that we helped each other through that very hard patch in each other's life...we distracted each other from some of the most important pain everyone will and has to go through eventually - losing a beloved one forever. We weren't really crying together, growing together, we didn't manage to regain the trust we lost in each other, we weren't able to sit down and promise each other to leave the past behind - calmly, gently and compassionately... in fact... we really haven't done a good job to catch each other while we were falling. We were there for each other - YES! That is true... But that itself hasn't made us better versions of and for each other. There is very little in life that is so exciting and beautiful than growing with each other. We were not able to hold each other's hand for good. But those are the true opportunities in life.

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