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5 reminders why writing gives yourself the permission (to smile)

A conference I will be speaking at in a few weeks asked me to write a bio. My bio.
To be honest, I had a pretty rough day work wise and because of my work load I had been pushing it out to the very last day. Out of my own frustration in this moment I said to myself: I can’t write about myself, I don’t have a story.
So, there I sat with myself, starring at my white Evernote screen, indulging the negative self-talk.

…A few minutes in, I asked myself: Why? What is hindering me to feel just grateful about the opportunity to write about my path and what I have taken away from it? Why am I indulging those junk thoughts?

Partially and very honestly… Growing up in a generation, where all of us share everything we got, everything of who we are or think we are, it sometimes makes me doubt whether my 2 cents on the world make a difference. I then rather focus on letting my daily actions at work and with my family speak what I aim to say. However,I also know that some of my actions will never be able to reflect what I am actually thinking, what my deep motivations and windy thoughts have been and what I have been feeling and thinking on my path towards me.
And while I was thinking this, I had to remind myself what the beauty of this generation’s willingness to share it all is (when used in the right way).
It is the beauty of permission!

The beauty of giving yourself permission to have a story. For me, to build a story means to maximize purpose and I forgot how writing helps you to gradually build your story, manifest your purpose into the world and share it with those you care about.

Writing helps to manifest your purpose into the world and share with those you care about!

And there I was, writing my bio, simply by using the words which would express of what I believe in and how I tried to manifest it in my life.

This thought exercise has reminded me about 5 reasons, why writing consistently is so powerful:

  • It is so easy to forget about our own journeys, where we come from, what we have done, where we have failed and risen up to the occasion. Writing helps us to own this story and come back to it when you need a reminder that you have a story to tell!
  • We have to remember to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt that we can outgrow ourselves into a better version of ourselves and give ourselves the permission to feel accomplished about that. Going back to past notes and posts helps us to acknowledge how far we’ve come.
  • For those who aim to lead a life of purpose, we have to remind ourselves that it is rare. In a world where opportunities are massive, it is rare to lead a purpose-driven over an opportunity-driven life. Writing is like setting things in stone, manifesting your beliefs and owning it!
  • We have to give ourselves the permission to have a story, dream about that we have a story, visualize how this could look like and guide ourselves to wherever we like to be. It is not easy, but worth it, no?! Visualize your ideals — writing helps with that!
  • One reason why it was so hard to write about myself is that I hadn’t taken the time recently to reflect on my journey, on my learnings and questions. Through writing we can help ourselves to distill our story and manage our psychology in a way that we didn’t even know we could. Visualizing our thoughts on a piece of paper makes room for new thoughts and calm down! It’s a little emotional vacation for 20 minutes a day.

I hope this resonates with some of those reading it and remind you to keep going and writing! Giving yourself the permission to create your life story is like giving yourself the permission to smile.

It sets you free!

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